The  Wings  Of  Immortal  Works                                                               21 November 2008

TamilNadu, India

     The sparks of renaissance glitter in the creative works of the legendary Michael Angelo and Picasso.

     The heart piercing paintings and the drawings of renowned Pugazhendhi depict the anguished cry of the people of Tamil Eelam in the Island of Sri Lanka.

     His artistic brush and his descriptive pen vividly portray the terrific tragedy of the Tamils, who have been thrown into the valley of death by the diabolical, murderous, genocidal barbarous attacks of the racist Sri Lanka Government.

     In the history of mankind, poets and artists give the clarion call to awaken the suffering masses and to break their shackles, and raise the banner of liberation. This revolutionary creative genius of an artist, who carries fame in his name,

     ‘Pugazhendhi’ has dedicated himself and his art to the cause of the Eelam Tamils. His immortal works have moved millions of Tamils to tears and sharpened the fighting spirit of the younger generation.

     This book, Tamil Eelam: What I saw and How I was seen is a treasure of emotions, bringing to light the hidden facts of carnage and massacre to which the Tamil people have been subjected for more than four decades.

     The heroic struggle of the LTTE under the incomparable and invincible dynamic leadership of Velupillai Prabakaran, the valour, courage and motivated commitment to lay down their lives at the altar of freedom, have been vividly narrated, making an indelible and unforgettable imprint in the hearts and minds of those who are privileged to read the book.

     The author has travelled braving grave risk into the war-torn areas of Tamil Eelam. His powerful pen carries the reader to understand the history of Tamils written with tears and blood.

     The world has witnessed many glorious liberation struggles of indomitable courage and sacrifice. But, the insurmountable determination, the unshakeable dedication and the unstoppable fighting spirit of the LTTE, which the world had very rarely in the past witnessed, has been graphically described in this book.

     The battle of 300 Spartans against the mighty Persian army of a million and more at the battle of Thermopylae was re-enacted in the battlefield of Eelam by the LTTE at the Elephant Pass. This book gives ample testimony to such facts.

     When I turned the pages, particularly the chapters, The story of Tearing of Humanism, The Weeping Cry of Mahiladi Theevu, Semmani: Open Burial Ground and Valvettithurai Massacre, tears indeed welled up in my eyes.

     The graveyard of the tombs of martyrs is a place for the Tamils all over the world to pay their homage. When the author narrates his sorrow and pain seeing their battered abodes, one thing stands out strongly, i.e. the valiant Eelam Tamils through the glorious sacrifice of their martyrs will certainly usher in the dawn of freedom soon. Tamil Eelam will blossom as a new nation on our globe.

     The wings of Pugazhendhi, his brush and pen, have contributed yeomen service for the cause of Eelam Tamils providing immortal works..

     Let those wings of freedom bring more such creations!