Humanity and war


U Tejonmayam

The New Indian Express

The war against Eelam might be over according to the srilankan Government.They might make the rest of the world believe it was a war only against the tamil tiger(LTTE).But some Tamilians living there know how it is to live a life devoid of any respect and basic rights. Artist pugazhendi,rightfully through his skill, has conveyed the message that it is not just the tamils at eelam, but tamils living across the worl who are bearing the pain for decades.

His 50 paintings,quickly give one a glance of the plight of tamils at sri lanka,most of them depicting mass graves(for instance the death of 20000 people in mullivaaikaal and the rebellion to achieve freedom).Titled’Uyir Uraithantha Nirangal’(the Colours of lifelines),in this exhibilition,the artist has exhibited print forms of 25 of his oil paintings that he painted a decades back. The rest of the 25 are orginal oil on canvas paintings that were done in the last two months. The paintings clearly show the predicament the tamils in srilanka have been facing for more than 30 years. Physical tortures like cutting of women’s breasts, killing of people and burying them in masses and many more, are portrayed by artist pugazhendi who has subtly depicted them.

The paintings also give a quick view at the history of sri lanka, whentamil eelam rose and the tamil tigers fought for freedom. these wounds though might have healed over time yet leave a mark. A painting of a mother and child torn apart in war and another work depicting a dead dove symbolically conveying that peace is dead come across as raw and power full. all the paintings at the exhibition though having a written message in tamil and English give a number of thought in the viewers’ mind and strikes into their consciousness leaving them speechless with rage.

“Tamils in sri lanka are suffering like never before. I feel this is the right time to awaken the minds of the people across the world and make them take notice of the plight of tamils.” Asserts the artist paintings of professor and artist Pugazhendi will be on display till July 25 at CD Nayagam theyagaraya higher secondary school at  Venkatnarayana road, T nagar.