“When did I sprout? My mind exploded when I came to know that that the breasts of my Tamil sisters were chopped off, and the little ones were burnt alive. It is this that woke me up from my dreams and imaginations and made me see the reality.

Oviar  K. Pugazhenthi.


     “You can make a drawing of the head, the muscle, the eye, the hand, etc., not much talent is required, mere training would do. But how to make a drawing of the sigh? This exactly is the art of Pugazhenthi. It is the sigh of the affected that Pugazhenthi sows in his paintings. The viewer reaps from them not the sigh, but the storm. It is the suffering, the downtrodden, the oppressed, the crushed, and the killed that Pugazhenthi’s paintings speak lively of. His paintings are colours that that enter the mind without piercing the eyes; they are nerves, muscles, and veins that are vibrant with the spirit of liberation; they are mighty strokes, not mere pastings.”
Kavignar Kasi Anandhan, the Poet of Emotions.
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